This concluding request to the protectors is used to call on all the protectors and ask for their help to bring all conducive conditions to our practice and dispel all negative obstacles. In group practice, the chöpön (master of offerings) makes a tea offering at “Accept this offering gift of torma.” If you are making a tea offering at home, you may do so at the end of the chant.

samaya-bound: All protectors who are bound by oath to protect the dharma.

siddhis (San.): Yogic accomplishments. Siddhis may be either ordinary or supreme. The eight ordinary siddhis involve some type of mastery over the phenomenal world. The supreme siddhi is enlightenment itself.

samaya holders: Protectors of the dharma.

döns: A type of malevolent spirit, usually of the hungry ghost realm, that tends to cause physical or psychological disease, caused by a lack of mindfulness on the part of the practitioner. As with all such beings, the Buddhist view is that ultimately they are not separate from one’s own mind.

auspiciousness: Good fortune, happiness; synchronicity.

Accomplish whatever mind desires: In other words, please fulfill all the dharmic aspirations of the practitioner.