Thrangu Rinpoche chose Gampo Lhatse as the protector of Gampo Abbey, since he was the original protector of the monastery and teachings of Gampopa, after whom the Abbey is named. This chant was not written by the Vidyadhara, but was excerpted from the guru yoga sadhana of Gampopa, written by the fifteenth Karmapa.

Gampo Lhatse (Tib. “divine peak of Gampo”): This lokapala, a mountain deity like Magyal Pomra, is the protector of the teachings of Gampopa and of his monastery, located in the Gampo district of Tibet.

OM A-KARO . . . : This is short for OM A-KARO MUKHAM SARVA-DHARMANAM ADYANUTPANNATVAT OM AH HUM PHAT SVAHA. The mantra means: “OM the syllable A is the door because of the primordial nonarising of all dharmas OM AH HUM PHAT—so be it.”

profound treasure: The terma, or hidden teachings, of Gampopa.