Supplication for Magnetizing the Phenomenal World

This supplication was composed by the great Jamgön Mipham Gyatso in 1879. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche received the transmission of this from Khenpo Namdröl in 1998. The Sakyong asked that our sangha begin practicing this in 2001 at Shambhala Moutain Center in order to magnetize the necessary energy to complete the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, and also at other centers to magnetize the resources for other developments.

In refining and correcting this translation with Changling Rinpoche, he commented:

The fundamental purpose of magnetizing is to magnetize your rikpa, your own awareness, for the sake of achieving realization. When we practice this supplication, we should understand that we are magnetizing our lungta, our windhorse, as well as our rikpa. That is the real meaning of magnetizing.

Then there is putting magnetizing into action, into enlightened activity, in a relative way. As the Buddha taught in the sutras, a bodhisattva needs to engage in four activities to attract students: generosity, pleasant speech, meaningful action, and consistency of words and actions. Students can then develop more confidence in, and come closer to, the teacher.

The supplication is quite simple in its structure: first we establish a magnetizing palace, with lotus-sun seats, for the nine main deities of the magnetizing padma family to blissfully reside in. The main deities are dharmakaya buddhas Amitabha and Vajradharma, and the nirmanakayas Avalokiteshvara and Padmaraja, one of the eight aspects of Padmasambhava. These are joined by the sambhogakaya yidams and dakinis, Hayagriva, Secret Wisdom, Vajravarahi, King of Desire, and Kurukulla. (See the line drawing and chart for identification of these deities.)

Then, with their bodies moving in vajra dance and with the laughter of their unceasing speech, they pervade all of samsara and nirvana with brilliant red light rays, thereby stirring and gathering the pure essence of samsara and nirvana, existence and peace. Thus they gather all good worldly things imaginable and all good qualities of the path. With their minds of great vajra passion, they bestow the supreme and ordinary siddhis. Then with their tools of magnetizing, their great vajra hooks and lassos, they bind the entire phenomenal world into great bliss. What more could we want?!

Well, as beings of the desire realm, of course we would want more, so finally we call out with devotion to the infinite hosts of magnetizing deities, all three roots, and supplicate them to bestow their blessings, and the supreme and ordinary siddhis of primordial awareness and relative accomplishments, as well as the siddhi that unobstructedly magnetizes whatever we desire.

A very complete commentary on this supplication by Khenpo Sodargye (one of the main disciples of Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok) is available here: