Vajrasadhu was the god of gambling and war when he was subdued and samaya-bound by Padmasambhava to be a protector of the teachings. Often referred to as “samaya-bound Vajrasadhu,” he can be depicted in two ways. In the Kagyü tradition, he is black, holding a hammer in his right hand and a bellows in his left, the accoutrements of a blacksmith, riding a brown he-goat. In the Nyingma tradition, he is red, holding a vajra in his right hand and a heart in his left, riding a lion. In his painting of the thangka for The Sadhana of Mahamudra, Sherapalden Beru includes Vajrasadhu in the lower right corner—in this case, a combination of both traditions.

Vajrapani: Vajrasadhu is an emanation of Vajrapani, the Lord of Secret, protector of the vajrayana teachings.

pawam longbu: Pyrite, or iron pyrite, a metallic rock containing iron; black-grey metallic in color, it forms perfect cube-shaped crystals.

OM VAJRASADHU HUM MAHA-AMRITA-BALIM TE KHAHI: The offering mantra can be translated as “OM Vajrasadhu HUM. Eat this great amrita and food offering.”