Six Dharmas of Naropa

The Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche established very specific guidelines with respect to distributing our vajrayana practice texts and commentaries. We continue to honor his approach of guarding the vajrayana.

The Vidyadhara often explained the responsibility he felt in preserving the sacredness and secrecy of the vajrayana. He insisted on personally approving all requests for vajrayana liturgical materials and would ask that the person requesting the translation write to him to explain their dharma practice and study background, relationship with a qualified teacher, and so forth. He felt that to receive these texts entailed a samaya commitment with him and a willingness to honor this permission and not to copy or show these translations to anyone, under any circumstance.

First, there are restricted texts for tantrikas, those who received pointing-out instructions from a qualified teacher. Second, there are texts that require a lung (reading transmission) to study or to practice the specific text. Third, there are restricted texts for sadhakas, those who have received pointing-out instructions, completed ngondro (usually the one specific to the sadhana or its tradition), and received the abhisheka specific to that sadhana. Fourth, there are commentaries and practice texts with special restrictions.

If you have questions about whether you qualify to order a specific text, please write to us in order to clarify that before placing your order.


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