Magnetizing Flag by Mipham

Magnetizing Flag by Mipham


“Great Clouds of Blessings: Supplication for Magnetizing the Phenomenal World” was composed by the great Jamgön Mipham Gyatso in 1879. This liturgy was added to our Collected Vajra Liturgies in 2010. As explained by Changling Rinpoche:

“The fundamental purpose of magnetizing is to magnetize your own awareness for the sake of achieving realization. When we practice this supplication, we should understand that we are magnetizing our lungta, our windhorse, as well as our awareness. That is the real meaning of magnetizing.

“Then there is putting magnetizing into action, into enlightened activity, in a relative way. As the Buddha taught in the sutras, a bodhisattva needs to engage in four activities to attract students: generosity, pleasant speech, meaningful action, and consistency of words and actions. Students can then develop more confidence in, and come closer to, the teacher.”

As explained by Mipham in the colophon:

“If it is written on a red banner and raised aloft . . . its purposes will be accomplished.”

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  • single flag (no cord) – $12
  • set of three with cord – $30
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