Collected Vajra Liturgies: New Chants Only

Collected Vajra Liturgies: New Chants Only


These are the thirteen new chants added to the Daily Chant Book, now entitled Collected Vajra Liturgies, which are available separately if you do not wish to purchase the entire Collected Vajra Liturgies.

38 pp.


  1. Proclamation of Goodness
  2. Great Clouds of Blessings
  3. The Verses of the Eight Auspicious Noble Ones
  4. Supplication to the Shambhala Lineage
  5. Nyingma Lineage Supplications
  6. Light of Blessings
  7. Condensed Offering to Ekajati, Rahula, and Vajrasadhu
  8. Protectors of the Three Courts
  9. Shambhala Protector Chant
  10. Supplications for the Longevity of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
  11. The Melody That Accomplishes Deathlessness
  12. Oral Instructions That Delight the Dharma Kings
  13. Aspiration of Shambhala
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