Complete Collection of Mantra Wheels

Complete Collection of Mantra Wheels


Our special price of $30 entitles you to receive all the mantra wheels for which you qualify. Just let us know when/where you received the empowerment or reading transmission.

We are excited to offer you a new visual aid for your creation-stage practice (utpattikrama): beautiful 3-D mantra wheels, which can rotate (if the practice specifies that) as well as allow for viewing from any angle. We are collaborating with Katherine Munro, who has designed and produced these digital, 3-D mantra wheels, especially helpful for anyone not familiar with Tibetan letters. You can zoom in and out, look at them from any perspective—outside or inside, top or bottom—and change the speed of the rotation or pause it.

Here is a sample link to a Tara mantra wheel in motion, available for free.

After ordering, we will send you a link with a password. We ask you to please not share this with others. The funds go to support the work of Katherine and the Translation Committee. You can see more of Katherine’s work here.

The following mantra wheels are available, each sold separately on its own page:

Avalokiteshvara Sadhana of Nonmeditation  – $10
Avalokiteshvara: Noble One of Fourteen Syllables  – $10
Krodhikali – $10
Krodhikali mantra within a vajra – $10
Manjushri – $10
Vajrakilaya (approaching) – $5
Vajrakilaya (accomplishment) – $5
Vajrasattva (short) – $10
Vajrayogini – $10





Abhisheka / Lung

Practicing with these mantra wheels requires an empowerment or lung, depending on the practice. Let us know which practices you have received by typing “I have received the (name of practice) from (name of teacher) in (year).”


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