Krodhikali Sadhana (Black Vajrayogini)


A terma text of Krodhikali (Tibetan: Troma Nagmo) discovered in Tibet by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. This draft publication includes the basic sadhana and related liturgies suitable for daily practice.

Update May 2021: There is a new possibility for more Vajrayogini practitioners to receive the lung for this Krodhikali terma. Now, anyone who has received the Krodhikali abhisheka, OR has received the Avalokiteshvara Sadhana of Nonmeditation abhisheka and the lung for the Krodhikali terma sadhana, can confer this lung to other Vajrayogini practitioners, in-person.

36 pp. (Draft ed., 2017) [requires Vajrayogini abhisheka & lung or abhisheka for this sadhana]

Lung / Abhisheka

Practicing this text requires that the person is a Vajrayogini practitioner and has received the lung or abhisheka for this sadhana. If you have received it, type “I have received the (name of lung/abhis​heka) from (name of teacher) in (year).”

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