Vajra Politics Sourcebook

Vajra Politics Sourcebook


This compendium of texts was compiled by Dr. Julia Sagebien and Derek Kolleeny as a companion piece for the workshop entitled “Vajra Politics: The Political Consciousness of the Warrior.” It presents some of the essential teachings of the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and others on politics as a component of dharmic activity. Distribution of this publication is restricted to practitioners who are tantrikas and have attended Warriors Assembly or its equivalent.

68 pp.

Warrior Assembly & Tantrika

This text is restricted to tantrikas who have attended a Warrior Assembly, or have studied all of the following texts: The Letter of the Black Ashe, The Letter of the Golden Key Which Fulfills Desire, and The Golden Sun of the Great East. Please state the location and year for both Warrior Assembly and vajrayana transmission.

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