Warrior Chant Book

Warrior Chant Book


26 pp. with cover.

[Distributed at Warrior Assembly and restricted to that level of study/practice. All Werma Sadhana practitioners also have access to this.]

You can purchase just the chants without cover ($16) or the cover only ($17)

Chants included:

The Supplication to the Rigden Father
The Supplication to the Mother Lineage
Invocation for Raising Windhorse
Meal Chants (Shambhala)
Drala and Preta Invocations
Guard Song
Unborn Unborn
Great Eastern Sun Arise
Shambhala Song
Hail Hail Hail

Warrior Assembly

This text is restricted to practitioners who have attended a Warrior Assembly.
Please state the location and year. Also available to Werma Sadhana practitioners.

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