The Golden Sun of the Great East

The Golden Sun of the Great East


The Golden Sun of the Great East is a beautiful hardbound edition of the Shambhala root terma (“treasure”) text discovered by Dorje Dradül of Mukpo. It features cloth binding with gold-lettered spine, a gold scorpion seal on the front cover, and saffron endpapers.

This second edition of the text has been re-edited, using gender-inclusive language wherever possible. Other amendments have been made based on a re-examination of the Tibetan by the original translators. The Tibetan and English are on facing pages.

Translated from Tibetan by the Vajravairochana Translation Committee under the direction of Dorje Dradül of Mukpo.


Vajradhatu Publications

Hardcover, 6″ x 9″

35 pp.

Restricted to those studying this formally

Available only to those who have completed, or are currently attending, Warrior Assembly, or by special permission. In the box below, please explain why you are qualified to order this.

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